Timeless engagement with a twist

Coran and Cris are adorable. I’m starting there, because it’s pretty obvious once you see them in pics just how cute they are. So, their engagement session is no exception. They decided to have the engagement shoot in the same location as the wedding venue: Houston Museum of Natural Sciences – Sugar Land. Yes, you can have your wedding with the geodes and the dinosaurs. I had no idea! For the first half, we decided to shoot in the geode room, incorporating the T-Rex in a few. Why a T-Rex? I’m so glad you asked! Apparently, when Cris was getting ready for his first date with darling Coran, he made mention that instead of butterflies in his stomach, it felt like a T-Rex stomping around in there. Adorable, right? I thought so too! So, the T-Rex was required in the pictures, and for good reason. We might have also eyed the big ball pit too…

Entertainment and wedding venue all in one

Personally, I absolutely love that they chose the museum, because the shoot came out amazing, as well as educational. I love shooting in museums, and I love shooting couples. To get the opportunity to pair the two together, is a match made in photographer heaven! It makes for both a unique, and entertaining shoot as well. I  mean really, how many people do you know who have said “I do” under a giant dinosaur? You know that inner child in you that played with dinos as a kid is screaming “YESS!!! DO IT!!”. Well, here’s your chance! Come see how adorable their session came out. Oh, and the gorgeous garden outdoor shots that look like an intimate secret garden? Just outside the front lawn…at the museum. Bonus! Seriously, if you want a really unique shoot, go check them out! 


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