A Wedding Tale as Old as Time

Our darling dino couple that you loved from their engagement session has finally tied the knot! If you thought they were adorable then, their wedding will make you swoon! Every single detail at the wedding screamed elegance and childlike fun. From the glitz and glam of the place settings, the gold plated dino centerpieces, and the sugar cookies cut to look like dinosaurs. Which, aside from my mom’s sugar cookies, were the best dang sugar cookies ever. Coran spent hours upon hours planning every detail down to the last sequin and centerpiece. That time was well spent, as you can clearly see all of the love poured into this planning process. Of course, It helps that HMNS Sugar Land is so cool too!

Heartstrings, memories, and so much love

Notably absent from this special day, Coran and Cris paid tribute to Coran’s late father. From the pearls he gave her to wear, to his bible, to his jacket on his empty seat. Coran’s mother walked her down the aisle, and she laid a rose in his seat. He may not have physically been there, but he was there. You could see him. He’s in many pictures actually. He’s there in the room as she set her veil in place, and put on one last coat of lipstick. He was there as she walked down the aisle. He lit up the room through her smile. If anything can be said about this wedding, it is that there was so much love in that room. And where love is, so is Mr. Clark. And although I wish I had the opportunity to meet him physically, I feel like I already know him. 

All that Jazz

So, how does one have an epic wedding? You get married under a T-Rex. You have your first dance in a hall full of millions of crystals and geodes. And your send of is a sea of glowsticks waving in the air. You hand out dino cookies. You dance until you cannot dance anymore and build a temporary throne for the groom out of giant legos. But most of all, you have so much fun you forget it is a wedding, and enjoy the best day of your life with your best friend. 

Enjoy, like we enjoyed the wedding! 

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