A timeless classic with a twist

I always love hearing from my clients about how they met one another. In Cristy’s case, her and her betrothed met online, only, he wasn’t even in the states. A mutual love of a book series, and many trips, calls, skypes, and emails later, love won. A date was set, the dress was purchased, and I was booked! Cristy and Tom chose Ashton Garden’s new location out in Katy, Texas. She also wanted her bridal session shot out at this location. We crossed our fingers for wonderful weather, and were blessed that it cooperated for the shoot, as flooding had been quite the issue around this time. I love how the venue really echoed Cristy’s personality too! 

The beautiful bride

Cristy’s bridal gown is something you might see in a fairy tale story. It is exactly as I pictured she might choose, as an avid reader. I love how simple the dress is, and yet, its elegance is not girly or frilly. And her veil accentuated her gorgeous eyes and lashes perfectly. She went very natural with her makeup. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t typically sport a full makeup look. The combo is simply stunning. Please enjoy a few of my favorites from our shoot! 


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