Head and shoulders above the rest 

Oftentimes, no matter the age of a guy who calls for senior portraits, it’s an awkward conversation for pictures the subject doesn’t want. There’s a lot of “I’m told I need to take these.” Jonathan started a bit like that, but it quickly built into a shoot he genuinely sounded excited about. When I asked him why the change of heart, and the sudden need to take pictures, he blew me away. You see, Jonathan has been accepted into Harvard Law. THE Harvard Law. It’s not every day I get to proudly state I’ve shot for a Harvard Law student, and I cannot wait till the next call comes because he’s GRADUATING HARVARD LAW!. I know he can do it. He’s got this. 

The Man’s Man

But what stays with me the most is his humbleness. The entire shoot, Jonnathan was blown away, adjusting to the weight of his acceptance into the school. When I asked why he was so surprised, his response cracked me up. “I mean come on, who gets into Harvard Law?!” “You do”. And that’s where the megawatt smile came out. We decided that multiple backdrops would be a good idea, and settled on McGovern Centennial Gardens as our location. McGovern is great for my guys. It’s not girly and awkward, there is a structural feel to quite a bit of it as well. It’s versatile, and it’s always gorgeous. We used all my props, and he borrowed the regalia from U of H. The letter is absolutely his lol. The pictures really capture his personality. I hope you enjoy! Leave him some love and well wishes too! 


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