When fate works in your and your couple’s favor

When someone books you online, you really don’t know what you are getting. As a photographer, you don’t have a background on the couple. You probably don’t know them, and often the booking process can be a bit stressful when you don’t know if your personality and theirs will mesh. This is hugely important in selecting your photographer. So, I am all about the face to face meetings. Especially, nowadays with all of the “I got a camera for Christmas-look at me be a photographers” out there. It eases your mind about the couple. It eases their mind about you. So, as it goes, I ordered coffee. I sat, and waited to meet who would hopefully be my next wedding. It was like meeting myself and Corey, about to get married. There was a familiarity to meeting Keriann and Riley. And I couldn’t be happier they picked me. 

Must Love Dogs

When we discussed their engagement session, Keriann described the perfect setting. I knew McGovern Centennial Gardens was it. Then came my absolute favorite question I get asked. “Do you think we could get a few with our dog?” Meet Harley. Harley is the kind of rescue dog that makes you ask, who rescued who? Her sweet heart demeanor and hyper active attitude make you instantly happy. There is no question about it. We had a blast. We picked sunset, arriving there about 30 min before the park closed, and finishing the set outside of the park gates. It is absolutely amazing how much love and laughter is present in these pictures. And of course, Ms. Harley tried her best to steal the show. And who could blame her? She’s adorable! Enjoy! 

Mcgovern Engagement session with pup (1)

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