When you are just that adorable

When you are one of those cute couples…you know. The ones that make everyone gag because they are just that cute. The couples who love you more, no love you most? Insert Thomas and Samantha. You would be hard pressed to find someon more proud of his woman than Thomas. And you would have an equally hard time finding a girl who is as comfortable with her man as Samantha. They are amazing together. So, when I was talking with a venue in Austin, about shooting a styled session at their location, I knew I needed a couple with chemistry; someone with that fun spark between them. And I knew, Samantha has a Maggie Sottero wedding gown, waiting to be preserved. This made them the ideal candidates. After I made a couple calls, I packed my gear, and headed to Austin to visit the Vista on Seward Hill. 


A Hill Country Oasis, with year round green grass

I know it sounds funny to say “I love their grass!” But, I’m also not going to lie. VOSH sold me on their grass. These pictures were taken in February folks. It’s the dead of winter, and they had the softest, greenest Winter Rye Grass I’ve ever seen! Mind you, the day before this shoot, the area had sustained more than 4 inches of rain. You would never have known it. By the time we arrived, the pristine venue looked like a magazine cover. I was delighted with the landscaping. The stone work is like something out of a fairy tale secret garden. And of course, with the sun setting towards the end of the shoot, this beautiful golden light bathed everything in a warm glow.

The icing on the wedding cake

Sidonee and her crew made every accommodation we asked for, and a few we didn’t even know we needed! I cannot wait to work with them again! So, looking at the pictures, and judging by the accommodating nature of the staff, it was easy to see why Vista on Seward Hill made our Top 10 Hill Country Venue’s list! Come see for yourself! 

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